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There are Choices Stories You Play Cheats and choices cheat reddit.

Episode Choose Your Story Hack – Episode Choose Your Story Hack 2018
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Episode Choose Your Story Hack – Episode Choose Your Story Hack 2018 – Instructions

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Do you know the top 10 fast food items that are actually healthy When you think about fast food, you might think about pizza or a burger and fries. Sometimes you hit the greasy spots to satisfy a naughty craving or to fill your hunger. But do not give up hope in finding a healthy choice just yet, even if we are programmed to just flock towards the golden arches, there are alternatives for folks who just want to keep it healthy. So open up wide and take a bite out of these 10 fast food items that are actually good for you.

Most people can’t imagine giving up fast food, so don’t worry, now there are healthy food options that won’t make you feel guilty about what you eat. Forget salads and diet coke. We’ve included some delicious options that you can opt for next time you’re at your favorite fast food chain, including McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell, Burger King, Starbucks, KFC, Five Guys, Shake Shack, and Wendy’s.

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0:31 McDonald’s (Asian grilled chicken sandwich)
1:50 Pizza Hut (garden party thin crust pizza)
2:54 Subway (Turkey breast sub)
3:58 Taco Bell (shredded chicken burrito)
5:01 Burger King (veggie burger)
6:09 Starbucks (protein bistro box)
7:15 KFC (grilled chicken breast)
8:20 Five Guys (veggie sandwich)
9:20 Shake Shack (chicken dog)
10:25 Wendy’s (power Mediterranean chicken salad)

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Top 10 Ways All You Can Eat Buffets Make MONEY!
Top 10 Fast Food Items You Should NEVER ORDER According to Reddit!
Top 10 McDonald’s Items You Should NEVER ORDER According to Reddit!
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Timeline by LegitRage
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* – Sources of Topics (wherever possible) below Timeline:
0:00:00 – Kyle introduces Sponsor
0:00:14 – AlphaM (Aaron)’s experience on Shark Tank*
0:06:45 – Aaron’s appearance on Fear Factor* & its’ horrific tasks
0:11:31 – How much would it take for the guys to drink a jug of horse semen?
0:15:20 – More of Fear Factor’s awful tasks that have little payoff
0:16:53 – The digital footprint of the internet never goes away & online “detectives”
0:21:31 – How did Aaron become a fashion expert & consultant?
0:25:25 – Woody’s peculiar fashion choices & full-body shaving as a swimmer
0:33:00 – Aaron’s marriage and its impact on his career & health
0:37:53 – Aaron’s struggle to manage a fitness centre
0:41:14 – Has Aaron ever worked for anybody?
0:43:10 – Aaron’s rocky childhood and how it guided his life
0:46:41 – Aaron’s diet and working with obese clientele
0:52:44 – Would you rather be 400lbs or a handsome midget?
1:07:59 – Girls (on Tinder) don’t like short guys
1:10:51 – The midget debate continues
1:12:29 – What makes you secretly go “Yeah, good luck with that..”?
1:17:40 – How intense did Aaron take his bodybuilding hobby? Is it enjoyable?
1:19:15 – Online branding and managing YouTube channels
1:23:08 – What is your YouTube guilty pleasure?* (Home improvement & bikers)
1:32:28 – Hockey injuries and playing without a mask*
1:39:12 – Return to the midget debacle
1:42:50 – NHL against other sports (soccer, basketball and MMA)
1:49:12 – Kyle is moving
1:50:08 – Little people culture (conventions, dating and midget babies)
1:54:06 – Ad Read: Squarespace
1:55:20 – Return to midget talk (babies, struggling to live normally & more)
1:57:44 – Aaron’s tips to getting more attention in the dating world
1:59:24 – What can women/men do that make them unattractive? (Shoes)
2:02:44 – Cleaning out your old items while moving
2:05:40 – Aaron leaves the show
2:06:25 – Video: Man’s experience tripping on toad venom
2:14:50 – Video: Dutch informative videos*
2:20:51 – Chiz will be a guest on PKA in 2018!
2:21:21 – Bitcoin talk – Woody/Kyle’s investments & other Cryptocurrencies
2:24:05 – Dennis from It’s Always Sunny isn’t renewing his contract*
2:25:15 – The Walking Dead talk [Major current Season spoilers]
2:32:23 – Woody’s displeasure of the Home Renovation couple
2:36:08 – Taylor’s decor and adopted Asian child
2:38:03 – Asian nations are quite intolerant to one another
2:41:41 – Enraged postal worker goes postal* (and Deadwood show talk)
2:44:54 – TV shows making a movie – Does it work? (Star Wars: The Clone Wars)
2:46:27 – Star Wars talk – New characters, fighting Kylo Ren & becoming a Jedi
2:51:58 – X-Men and Sky High* (kids movie) talk
2:55:49 – Ad Read: PKN Season 2
2:57:07 – Patreon Question: How, where & when do you wish to go?
2:59:08 – Patreon Question: Advice on financing a car
3:08:18 – What is the biggest financial mistake you’ve seen someone make?
3:12:47 – Patreon Question: Kyle, Chiz & Taylor’s chemically-grown beards
3:15:02 – Grey hair sightings – Taylor, Woody & PKA Dan
3:16:54 – Patreon Question: What mics do the Hosts’ use?
3:18:22 – Why Taylor declined a karaoke invitation & which bars are the best?
3:21:07 – Kyle & ONLYUSEmeBLADE’s alcohol tales
3:25:59 – Patreon Question: How does your family feel about you being eFamous?
3:32:49 – The hosts’ plans to troll Woody’s mom & potential new guests
3:35:06 – Patreon Question: What are your Universe “cheat codes”?
3:35:54 – Patreon Question: How do you deal with putting a pet down?
3:38:32 – Update to Woody’s neighbour’s rowdy dog
3:43:39 – Taylor has bowed-out of the meat & cheese game, Kyle doubles-down
3:45:35 – Woody’s weight update & Aaron’s crazy diet tips
3:48:23 – Sushi talk – Kyle’s delivery sushi & preferred varieties
3:50:07 – Drink talk – Saké, Jameson, beer preferences & more
3:57:11 – Woody just got truffles & milk delivered to him
3:58:14 – Return to alcohol talk (Margaritas, daiquiris & more)
4:00:53 – Update to Taylor’s computer nerd Tinder girl
4:03:23 – Kyle’s new house, its fantastic internet & plans to stream
4:08:58 – Video – “Nobody insult my gaming skills!” (Wings stream clip*)
4:13:30 – Woody calls it a show
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