Keanu Reeves Plays With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions

Keanu Reeves (John Wick, The Matrix) gives us the scoop on his favorite sandwich, his new Toy Story 4 character, and what that picture of him riding a horse in Brooklyn was all about.




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Celebs + puppies, kittens, thirst tweets, and more = so much yes.

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There is Choices Hack and choices stories you play quotes.

Chapters Interactive Stories. Someone Like You Chapter 20 Gameplay. From the Crazy Maple Studio Dev. Game of choices. Choose your story. Android Gameplay. Android Play Store Game. Wingman #Wingman
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Wow. What an amazing chapter! Ok, so first off – I have got more diamonds as you will see. Thanks to saving up my points at my local game store, google play gift cards and the game gift cards that I got for Christmas, I was able to buy the large package of diamonds again faster than I had expected.

Also another note. I didn’t go through EVERY possible choice this time. Reason being depending on what you say to people, you get different choices. For example, if you try barter the time portal gun, you are forced to choose between a -1 Estela or Jake point later. Naturally, don’t want that. And also what you say on the cliff differs depending on your first choice there. And then there’s your partner on the surfing… More info on that in a bit.

My thoughts, with, as always, spoilers!

Ok, so I am assuming that the armour has given us SOME insight to the + and – points? Either way, I guess it doesn’t matter. The leeches are the only thing that gives you + points.

Yay! We found Varyyn, Diego, Raj and Michelle! Least we know Michelle IS supposed to be there with them. I mean, she was apparently with you even though she went off with them at the end of Book 2!

Called it! I knew it would be Raj next! I’m guessing maybe Sean is next? But then, it could be anyone. My brother and I tried to come up with who we think each of the items is. Some we have no clue. Others we have a guess. But if you think about it, even the recipe book might have been Quinn. She DOES help Raj with that feast back in Book 1. Raj did make a lot more sense, though.

Aww Varyyn is so sweet! “You are my true calling Diego.” Aww! And Handfasting! I loved the way Jake put his hand on Melody’s back. A hint there, Jake? Looking forward to THAT!

Ok so the windsurfing. I did only really try with Jake. Even if you lose, you end up on the ship. You suggest joining as the crew instead, which he accepts. I ended up sacrificing a Jake point here in order to win. And it took me a long time to come to the choice! At first, I had decided to lose to get the points. But I do have a lot. I don’t doubt I’ll end up with max anyway. So 1 point won’t hurt…or it better not!

The sunset… I loved the entire scene. If you say it was corny, it leads you to talking about action films, which then ends up leading to the last choice of the chapter. So of course I wanted the other path! But Jake! ❤ His words…yeah they are cheesy, but so sweet.
Also I wondered when he’d start worrying about you. How things have been with him, and how you’d have to deal with everything that comes with him. So I’m glad they put that talk into this chapter.

QUINN! Least it better be her. And not them just trolling us.

Also guys! I do have a facebook page if you wish to talk to me outside of youtube. I will always reply when I can. So feel free to message me and ask any questions, or just to chat. I talk often to a couple of people I met through my videos. Link is on my channel page.

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Jack Ma, founder of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba discusses globalisation and trade, and shares tips on business at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.
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Chapters: Interactive Stories - SOMEONE LIKE YOU Chapter 20 END / Diamond Choices

“Following a horrible divorce, you travel to New York City for your twin sister’s wedding: and you’ve been warned about Lincoln! Yet when he trusts you with the most intimate of secrets, will you let your walls down and finally embrace love?”

“Someone Like You” by Lauren Layne.
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Choices: Stories You Play - Passport to Romance Chapter 4

Valor at Versailles
What awaits you at Versailles? Will you be able to meet Yvette’s expectations?

You just landed an opportunity to travel to Europe! What will be awaiting you there?
Passport to Romance is the first and thus far the only book of the Passport to Romance series.


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Choices: Stories You Play – The Freshman Book 1 Chapter 17

An app by Pixelberry
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THE FRESHMAN, BOOK 1. Welcome to Hartfeld University! You’ll make friends for life, and maybe even find true love. Will you date bookish James, party girl Kaitlyn, football hero Chris… or all three at once?

– Dress to impress with fashion forward outfits.
– Choose a date for the elegant and romantic Winter Formal.
– Support new friends as you tackle freshman adventures together!

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Markus' Story (Detroit: Become Human) 4K Ultra HD

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This specific cut is focused all on Markus and his journey. We already have Connor’s up and we will do Cara as well. We hope you enjoy!


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