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About the game:

It is funny that two of the year’s greatest scores have come along right at the end of it. Also, it is strangely amusing that the two composers responsible for these achievements – both enormously prolific and successful – are also both constantly harangued by their extremely vocal detractors for often shameless self-plagiarism, something that I, myself, despite being a major fan of the pair, have been forced to concede to over the years. But, in the closing days of 2009, both Hans Zimmer’s score for Sherlock Holmes and, this, James Horner’s year-long musical odyssey through the lushly emotional jungles of James Cameron’s vibrant it, have arrived and delivered, respectively, completely addictive left-field, avant-garde atmospherics, and massively textured, heartfelt colour that both totally embrace their subjects and provide something much more than just the typical modern-day scoring that far too many filmmakers demand from their composers – in that they both tell stories in their own right and they both reveal innovative writing and musical styles that are truly unique, inspiring and individual. Nuances abound within the two works, although I’m certain that the pair of them will still court the same vociferous naysaying from the usual quarters. But, trust me on this, these scores are electrifying, intelligent and, as albums divorced from their movies, actually quite mesmerising.

Here, we can take a look at James Horner’s long-awaited score for it. A full review of Zimmer’s industrial-gypsy work for Sherlock Holmes will come later.

As is widely known, James Cameron requested (well, knowing him, it would probably be more of a demand) that his frequent musical collaborator abstain from any other composing for over a year, so that he could concentrate solely on finding the sounds, thematic resonances, colours and voices for the alien moon of Pandora and its scintillating denizens, the tall, blue-skinned Na’vi. With the classic scores for Aliens and the Oscar-nabbing Titanic under his belt, Horner was the perfect choice to go to for a rich, highly emotional and thrilling wilderness score that aimed to make the pulse pound, the heart soar and the soul feel energised. As I have made plain with numerous reviews already, I have been a huge fan of Horner right from the get-go, with his memorable and refreshing scores for Humanoids From The Deep, The Hand and Wolfen (a strong personal favourite score and film of mine), but his recognisable style of danger-motifs (yes, that would be the familiar Rachmaninov burst)
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